SFD105 Andrea vs Robi – Tickle Wrestling

Andrea and Robi undress to their underwear before starting a tickle wrestling match. The goal is to get hold of the opponent and render her helpless, caught in some inescapable hold and then tickle her to the point she cannot take it anymore and gives up.
Look at those wrestlers, digging with their fingers into their sides, breasts, thighs, necks, ears, noses… nothing is spared!
Robi’s top dances and jumps up and down at each laughter, and offers a show in the show that cannot be missed.
Can tickling be a cruel and mean weapon to be used in a wrestling match? Yes indeed! And this terrific tickle wrestling match will prove it!
After 5 falls, the final winner is allowed a long bonus time to humiliate the loser sitting on her breast, and then roughing up her hair, touching her nose, face ears, and… guess how what? tickle torturing the poor helpless loser almost to tears!

Duration: 34 min
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