SFD104 Lady Scarlet vs Jack Sally – Mixed

Lady Scarlet, wrapped in a blue bikini with see through bottoms, steps on the mats to wrestle a weird blue-striped “Avatar”. Don’t be fooled by the funny looks of that small guy in disguise, the match is competitive and real.
Lady Scarlet is stronger and heavier, and she takes advantage of her skills to keep Jack Sally under pressure throughout the match. Her pins, scissors and bearhugs give him a lot to worry about, just look at how he fights back pushing on her abs to try to avoid tapping out to her scissors!
When Jack Sally tries to put some holds on her, he finds strong opposition, but once he gets her in a figure four headlock or a neck scissor, and starts to squeeze… will Scarlet be able to break free and turn tables? Both score at least once, and the winner poses triumphantly on the exhausted loser in the end.
A lot of teasing and dialogues (all are subbed in English) in this unique match between an Avatar and a Mistress!

Duration: 18 min
Video price: Euro 15,99 (720p) – Euro 18,99 (1080p)
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