SFD103 Robi vs Sabrina – Story

Both girls wear heels, pantyhose and sexy lingerie. Robi is mean, sneaky and cruel towards the poor Sabrina. She strangles, chokes, KOs and facesits her during the whole match. Sabrina gets her hair pulled hard, she is punched in the face… kneed in the belly! She she screams for the pain and her eyes are open wide in terror!
Robi is an ice cold terminator and moves from a karate chop instantly grounding Sabrina, to a long and humiliating facesit smother, followed by some breast mauling and a sudden blow to Sabrina’s crotch! She is already desperate in tears… hoplessly begging for mercy to a mercyless, furious Robi just before passing out!
Sabrina wakes up at Robi posing, slowly moving her heel from on her neck to her breast and finally on her crotch. How humiliating!
Will Sabrina ever be able to fight back using a long wooden stick and take her revenge? Or will Robi simply be too much for her and beat her up even harder, inflicting her more and more strangle KOs, slapping her face… and much more? I think you know the answer already!
Strangles, chokes and KOs are the leit motiv of this video together with long, sexy, smothering facesitting leaving Sabrina gasping for air and slowly passing out several times. An epic video!

Duration: 16 min
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1 thought on “SFD103 Robi vs Sabrina – Story

  1. WOW, I bought the picture set from this video. So very sexy. Two of SFD most bitter rivals meet again. This has a little of everything. Very satisfying.
    Highly recommended

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