SFD102 Nina & Andrea vs Marco – Mixed

After an argument, Nina and Andrea are challenged by a fearless Marco to a 2vs1 match! The girls will wrestle him giving him the worst time of his life! Marco is grounded, blocked, strangled, scissored and smothered until he passes out. Then they will decide to see how long it takes to make him pass out, wrestling him one by one until KO.
The girls have plenty of fun using various techniques (Andrea even humiliates him with a nasty foot smother), until KO!
Each time poor Marco is taunted, kicked, made fun of, until he wakes up again, only to be beaten up even more. After putting him out one last time, Andrea and Nina will sit on him chit chatting adding insult to injury.
Fans of one sided mixed matches, with plenty of humiliation and KOs, will love this video!

Duration: 14 min
Video price: Euro 15,99 (720p) – Euro 18,99 (1080p) – Euro 23,99 (2160p)
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