SFD101 Marica vs Lara – Story

The two stunning beauties Lara and Marica are working out in the gym. Marica is obviously attracted by Lara’s body and muscles, and Lara pretends to oblige, but since she is a provocateur, she decides to play with her a little. To let Marica feel her strength, she offers to show her some wrestling holds.
Marica is caught in a bearhug, her body squeezed against Lara’s, harder and harder, standing nose to nose with her, feeling every single muscle of her. Then they swap and Marica tries to show her own strength! Is it a challenge?
The two perfect bodies pressed into each other, their moans and facial expressions make the sight one of the sexiest, ever.
What follows is possibly the most erotic grapevine pin you have ever watched, where Lara makes Marica suffer from pain and arousment at the same time, eyes in eyes, their lips inches from each other… isn’t it a sweet torture? They swap positions, but Lara has other plans… she wants to put the sexy and overconfident newcomer into her place, and a fight with a lot of close body to body contact begins! Being more expert and a better wrestler, Lara will eventually prevail, and put Marica through a hell of painful, and sexy holds: body and head scissors to make her feel the real pain, rear naked chokes and body triangles, to make her submit, with a nasty sneer always on her face!
A final terrific back breaker has the debutant Marica finished off and left crouched in tears, shocked, while Lara gladly enjoys her vendetta towering over her, as the dominant woman wrestler, flexing her bicep in triumph!

Duration: 19 min
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8 thoughts on “SFD101 Marica vs Lara – Story

  1. Gran bel match ma è chiara la superiorità di Lara, ci vogliono ben altre avversarie toste per batterla

    1. Beh questo match evidenzia come l’esperienza e la naturale “cattiveria” di Lara abbiano la meglio su una novellina… che però promette molto bene!

      1. Si senz altro promette bene ma Lara ha dato il suo 50% ed è bastato per questa novellina… Spero ci siano nuove avversarie più impegnative perché attualmente Lara é la regina indiscussa di tutto lo staff

  2. I wen tot marica’s profile and I saw preview photos of a match but I wasnt able to find that match anywhere? can you tell me which one it is (the 4th photo under her profile description)

    1. All videos are usually released on the website some time after the shooting, this photo comes from a video which has not yet been released.

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