SFD100 Sabrina vs Andrea – Facesitting

The sexiest facesitting match ever, between two gorgeous girls and their equally gorgeous deadly, round, firm weapons called “asses”!
Andrea undresses and wears her black stockings for the fight, together with matching sexy black underwear. When Sabrina arrives, the two start exchaging threatening looks and intimidating words.
The fight (divided in three 4 minutes falls, plus domination round) is wild, full of hatred: the many facesitting holds are cruel, acrobatic, smothering and utmost humiliating, asses firmly planted on the opponent’s nose and mouth… sometimes prolonging the sitting long after the tap to add insult to injury!
There is a lot of thrash talking, insults and taunting form the girl on top and even during the breaks between falls – generating a tense atmosphere.
The last facesitting submission is incredibly nasty and sexy, starting from a spectacular reverse figure four and ending in a terrific victory pose and a 5 minutes long, humiliating, nose-to-crotch facesit-smother domination round, where the loser is forced to loudly admit her defeat! An incredible video!

Duration: 26 min
Video price: Euro 19,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p)
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16 thoughts on “SFD100 Sabrina vs Andrea – Facesitting

    1. No, non è esattamente competitivo. I video in vendita qui su SFD seguono uno script, delle indicazioni e a seconda dei casi l’esito può essere lasciato decidere alle ragazze, quindi sono al massimo semi competitivi. I video in cui la lotta è reale e competitiva sono su http://www.italianfemalewrestling.com

      1. Ma puo fare un sezione su italianfemalewrestling per scrivere degli commenti. ?

  1. For sure the best production of SFD for its quality and also the sexiest one.
    I can feel the rivalry beetween these two and the final humiliation is something Andrea won’t easily forget, well done Sabrina and well done SFD. Always a pleasure the vision of your videos!

      1. One of the best I ever purchased, both fighters looked fantastic. Great sexy action. Excellent wrestling holds and I loved how it was filmed with multiple angles. It’s hard to find skilled female wrestling that is also very sexy.

      2. Thank you Chris. Comments like yours give us even more energy and commitment to keep the ball rolling and improve!

  2. The thing I love about this company is that it truly lives up to its “production” name. The lighting is different than some of your other videos, which Im sure is not a coincidence. The directing is in place yet the transitions of your videos are always great and barely breaks the tempo. I loved the selfie video at the end, sabrina sure knows how to have fun!

    1. Glad to see such aspects of our products are appreciated. Yes, the director is a pro. Used to be a music video clip director, and it shows. And again yes, the lighting is deliberately different here. The editing process is always carefully performed in order to keep the rhythm, and transitions should be almost seamless. 20 min of final video often takes 2 to 3 hours of shooting work… plus editing.
      The selfie is an idea which came from the customer.

  3. Good But topless would still be very nice. I like These stockings. But its also good that they Remote It in the half… I also like bare skin. The selfie at the end was cool.

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