SFD097 Andrea vs Robi – One Sided

A long staredown opens the video: literally pushing head against head, standing toes to toes, Robi and Andrea confront and circle each other even before the match starts!
Their eyes are throwing flames, as the first fingerlock test of strength begins!
Andrea takes control and Robi is helplessly grapevined, her wrists pinned to the mats, her efforts useless. But her revenge is terrible and Andrea gets camel clutched and neck scissored, but biting Robi’s thigh she will suddendly turn the tables!
Now Andrea’s holds are perfectly applied, long lasting in order to make Robi’s back suffer as much as possible, and follow one another so that she cannot even gather forces. Robi desperately squirms and moans, wildly beaten and humiliated by her foe.
And Robi’s red top doesn’t leave much room for imagination, showing her from a sexy angle while taking so much punishment throughout the match, ending in one of the sexiest victory poses ever!
Robi is left humiliated and sobbing in tears, under Andrea’s foot pressed on her neck.
So much action, intensity and emotions all in the same incredible match…

Duration: 18 min
Video price: Euro 15,99 (720p) – Euro 18,99 (1080p) – Euro 23,99 (2160p)
Photo gallery price: Euro 15,99 (50 photos, res. 3840*2160)
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      1. That is something we would need to convince Robi about, not easy… we really need a custom video request about that and we will discuss it.

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