SFD096 Robi vs Ruggero – Mixed

Robi and Ruggero: shouldn’t we say the beauty and the beast? A dangerous, skilled, quick, agile, deadly beauty and a slow, heavy, even delicate and fragile Ruggero as the beast.
He is a mountain of useless muscles, not able to resist Robi’s scissor for more than a few seconds, not able to put her in trouble even once in the match, his big head most times trapped by Robi’s strong legs and forced to tap in no time!
Robi’s task becomes to set a new world record of submissions scored in 20 minutes time, and she scissors, chokes, strangles, pins, armbars, headlocks him in every possible way! Ruggero is embarassed by Robi at all times, such a big guy rendered helpless by a girl half his weight!
If a one sided domination match where a stunning beauty effortlessly destroys a huge boy in a number of sexy holds is your thing, then definitely go for it!

Duration: 20 min
Price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
EU residents please note that local VAT will be added to your purchase according to the most recent EU regulations.

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