SFD095 Robi vs Caterina – Story

The bigger and shapely Caterina challenges a thinner and apparently weaker Robi… but she doesn’t know about Robi’s superpowers: just by staring at her own biceps, she gains extra loads of energy sucking it from her opponent, and becomes invincible!
After a 4 minutes long, even, hard fought armwrestling duel that leaves Caterina astonished and confused, she realizes that she needs to play dirty, and sneaks behind Robi attacking her with a rear naked choke!
Robi is in serious trouble and cannot breath in her strong opponent’s hold, slowly choking, almost passing out. Caterina owns her in an endless, terrific bearhug: she is in total control with a grin on her face, squeezing the hell out of Robi, moaning for the unbearable pain.
A bow and arrow follows, to break Robi’s back to the point of no return, a sadistic smile on Caterina’s face, leaving Robi whining in tears… but, all of a sudden, Robi strikes a biceps pose and using her superpowers drains all the energy from Caterina’s body and muscles! She starts flying her from one side to the other, lifting her by the hair, grunting like a wild beast, stomping her belly! Caterina is motionless, without strength and in tears of desperation. She is body scissored, then caught in a tremendous figure four neck scissor… Robi is totally excited, and finishes off her victim with a pro-style pin and count to three! Caterina bursts out in tears when Robi poses on her showing her muscles in a humiliating school girl pin.
Robi’s incredible superpowers and Caterina’s acting skills both as a heel and a jobber make this video a must-have for every female wrestling fan!

Duration: 17 min
Price: Euro 15,99 (720p) – Euro 18,99 (1080p)
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