SFD094 Stella vs Sabrina – Boxe

An overconfident Stella challenges the experienced boxer Sabrina. They warm up, their fists wrapped in white bandage, exchanging darting looks into each other’s eyes and throwing punches in the air, without a word. They now stand breast to breast, nose to nose, in a long and intense staredown, their bicpes bulging in a threatening stance. Stella explains she is ready to destroy her white opponent… and the bell rings!
Punches to the belly and face are immediately exchanged… both girls seem to feel them a lot, especially Sabrina who bends in half after the stongest blows to her exposed belly.
The match is even, but such low hits are taking their toll more and more on both girls.
They alternatively suffer and dish out the worst punishment to each other, until when Stella cannot take anymore and is knocked down several times in a row. She seems to be done, but tries to resist with all her pride and willstrength… Eventually, Sabrina proves too strong for her and Stella ends up taking the beating of her life!
Sabrina counts her, taunting and making fun of her each and every time! What a humiliation… Stella grows weaker and weaker, she gets back to her feet only to be knocked down again and again, living her worst nightmare!
You can read Stell’s pain, frustration, helplessness in her face while the cruel, determined and merciless Sabrina keeps punishing her without holding back, until the final count gets to the decisive 10 ending the match!
And it’s time for a humiliating victory pose, with Sabrina almost foot choking Stella, then posing on her in triumph with her foot on conquered Stella’s cheek and breasts.

Duration: 30 min
Price: Euro 19,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p)
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