SFD093 Robi vs Andrea
Test Of Strength

Andrea and Robi wearing miniskirts and heels, are chasing each other in an apartment, quietly moving around like spies, until they both get to the gym and finally meet!
They circle, slowly, without a word, eyes in eyes… they stop and a long staredown takes place, before they talk. A challenge is issued!
The door is locked. They are ready to undress and fight!
Both moan with for the pain and effort while slowly but firmly grabbing a handful of each other’s hair and… pull!
Close ups of both faces disclose a world of intimate emotions during a double bearhug, breast pushed into breast, and nose to nose.
A bodyscissor challenge follows, and a double choke pushes the test of strength to its limit!
Everything happens in a slow, measured way, where eye contact is never lost, and even the smallest detail, facial expression, movement is caught on camera and moans, sounds and even their breath are amplified in the empty room…

Duration: 26 min
Price: Euro 19,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p)
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3 thoughts on “SFD093 Robi vs Andrea
Test Of Strength

  1. Beide sind hübsche Girls. Der Po des bleichen Girls gefällt mir leicht besser.

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