SFD091 Sabrina vs Robi
Test Of Strength

Sabrina and Robi cannot stand each other, you can see it from the way they are standing there eyes in eyes, literally head to head… just before starting a fight with words, and soon after the staredown and head to head challenge becomes a test of strength match, to decide who is stronger.
They keep exchanging nice words, shoving and pushin each other nervously, trash talking, and you feel the tension go up before the real fight begins with a double hairpulling, their sexy bodies and breasts pressed into each other!
Closeups show their expressions of pain and anger, spectacular camera angles catch their bodies under a different light, muscles in tension ready to overpower the opponent.
Armwrestling follows, with the wrestlers breathing heavily, and not leaving eye contact even for a single second, while they fight to the last drop of energy arching their bodies until one slams the other’s arm down to the mats, twice!
A mercy fight will leave one of the girls on her knees, then forced back to the mats and school girl pinned for a long and slow humiliation, until she surrenders.
A terrific double body scissor contest and a double bearhug will finally decide the match, leaving one of the contenders beaten and posed on by the gloating winner, teasing her until she cries for the unbearable humiliation.
Test of strength fans, this video is what you need to set a new standard in your collection!

Duration: 21 min
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6 thoughts on “SFD091 Sabrina vs Robi
Test Of Strength

  1. You should add some foot stomping / trampling during the bear-hugs and mercy between these two next time!

      1. I like the armwrestling part. Could you do some Legwrestling too?

  2. Be very sexy to add sheer to waist pantyhose to both ladies in the wardrobe. A test of strength video called Sheer Conflict, be great. From the head to head pressed together stare downs, finger locked mercy fights to who has the stronger and sexier legs fight with leg wrestling ideas and trash talk.

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