SFD090 Lara vs Sabrina – One Sided

Lara and Sabrina are mad at each other and decide to meet for a wrestling match to settle things between them. Lara uses rear naked choke holds and body triangles during all the match to render Sabrina helpless, taunting her at all times, and bringing her almost to tears.
Lara is a mean girl, she puts Sabrina in a full nelson and makes fun of her, while she tries to escape kicking the air… to no avail.
Soon, Sabrina realizes that she is no match for Lara and her destiny will be to squeezed, strangled, taunted throughout the match. It’s a totally one sided beating, with spectacular holds by Lara who puts Sabrina in every possible submission hold, in order to make her suffer and cause her unbearable pain. Sabrina cries, moans, sobbing for pain and desperation, helplessy subdued by the mean and stronger Lara.
The intensity of the emotions, the effort that Sabrina puts in trying to escape and fight back, her frustration finding out she stands no chance, Lara’s cruel smile while she enjoys torturing her opponent make this match a must-have and a great show, together with Lara’s skills in applying the most spectacular holds.
Sabrina is sobbing and shaking when Lara starts her final 3-minutes long domination, posing with her foot on Sabrina’s throat, before putting her in more painful holds and humiliating her using her feet on her, slapping her and making her cry.
Strong stuff!

Duration: 22 min
Price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
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4 thoughts on “SFD090 Lara vs Sabrina – One Sided

  1. I know this was a custom fight and both girls knew who was going to win before it started. But I’ve seen Lara beat Sabrina up and make her cry for real in an IFW match, so I don’t think any acting was needed here!

    Sexy Sabrina is a competitive and feisty young woman, but Lara is just too much for her and would win no matter how hard Sabrina tried. If you enjoy seeing one beautiful young woman showing another who the alpha female is between the two of them, then this is the video for you!

      1. Yes rematch IFW108 & 109 but Sabrina also lost. Lara’s legs are too strong & her scissors squeezed the life out of Sabrina.

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