SFD088 Lara vs Andrea – Belly Punching

Andrea is a human punching bag, with lifetime warranty: if you break it, a new one will be sent to you! Lara, wearing her heels and an elegant black dress, demonstrates how to use it, explaining what she is doing at all times (English subtitles). She mostly punches Andrea in the belly and abs, knees her and punches her in the face.
Andrea does not react, unless she is instructed to do so… like a robot.
There are many closeups and several slow motion belly punches, in series of 3,4 even 8 punches, her fists digging into Andrea’s belly after hitting.
You can hear the sound of the blows and see the marks left on the punching bag skin.
At some point, Andrea – her back to the wall – is repeatedly punched in the face and kneed in the belly for maybe 30 times, and her face starts to show real pain and to make strange sounds. She cannot stand it any longer… she falls to the mats, but Lara liftes her and throws her into the wall only to start over again and again.
Lara finally succeeds in destroying her punching bag, as Andrea lays on the mats almost in tears, the owner posing on her, totally satisfied!
Just in case you are wondering: Andrea was not harmed during the shooting.

Duration: 18 min
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7 thoughts on “SFD088 Lara vs Andrea – Belly Punching

  1. This video is awesome. Lara throws the sexiest punches and Andrea took some that just looked hard and legit.

    For the record, Lara will make someone an awesome wife one day and he better do as she says or else..:)

    1. Hi Nicolas and thank you for letting us know you liked it. More belly punching you say? Well, there are some custom videos featuring belly punching to be released in the coming weeks, check back soon! Of course to film more, we need more belly punching custom video orders!

  2. …video a dir poco splendido!!!…le ragazze non hanno bisogno di alcun commento, semplicemente fantastiche…da appassionato di belly punching ho apprezzato molto il modo in cui Lara colpisce Andrea e soprattutto il modo di Andrea di incassare i colpi in pieno stomaco…spero di vederne altri così molto presto!!!

    1. Grazie per il tuo commento. Il belly punching è difficile da realizzare bene. Serve tempo, prove, coordinazione e ancora tanto tempo per girare e rigirare le scene fino ad arrivare a un risultato soddisfacente. Non sono molti i clienti che “investono” in queste produzioni, ma qualcosa c’è… 😉

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