SFD087 Giorgia vs Ambra
Test Of Strength

The cute and small Ambra is up for a test of strength match vs the much bigger Giorgia. The two start with a longh and intense fingerlock test of strength, then move on to a double bearhug, where Giorgia seems to be too big for Ambra, and lifts her and shakes her several times. And finally it’s time for wrestling!
The action takes place mostly on the mats, with close body to body action, breat on breast, belly on belly, trying to pin each other in a dramatic test of strength keeping their fingers locked all the time.
They exchange long stares eyes in eyes and are ready for a fierce hairpulling contest, grabbing each other’s hair and pulling down slowly but firmly, bending each other’s neck in torture… their faces will tell you what the effort and the pain is.
The free hands move to the mouths and noses and they push and doing so they also smother each other!
The final test will be a sort of standing double arm wrestling, where the wrestlers try to bend each other’s arm down with pure strength.
I won’t tell here if there will be a winner or the girls will have to agree on a draw and begin to train for their next match!

Duration: 14 min
Price: Euro 15,99 (720p) – Euro 18,99 (1080p)
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