SFD086 Robi vs Lara – Fake Blood

Two dark haired, stunning beauties in total white for this strong and violent bloody match.
They like to punch, to slam each other’s heads into the floor, to pull hair, strangle, slap, kick … whatever will cause pain, it’s good.
After some minutes of even struggle, Lara stomps Robi’s belly, kicks her and knees her, slaps her in the face! Then Robi’s reaction comes: she strangles Lara and… bites her deeply on her neck! And blood starts to flow! Lara is in tears while Robi keeps mauling and clawing her wounds, her nails scratching Lara’s neck! Tables are turned again, and now it’s Lara losing control and slamming Robi’s head like never before.
This is possibly the most violent of all the “fake blood” matches released so far, so you are warned!
Punches to the belly while holding Robi by her hair, against the wall will finish her? She is in tears at Lara’s feet… moaning and sobbing in pain, when a knife appears in Robi’s hand! And this is just the beginning of a terrific, frightening video where a knife, a sharp pencil and a chair are used to inflict even more pain!
One of the contenders will end up strangled, punched and posed on by a crazy winner, literally drilling a hole in the flesh of her belly using her toes! Oh my…

Duration: 24 min
Price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
EU residents please note that local VAT will be added to your purchase according to the most recent EU regulations.

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