SFD085 Sabrina vs Lara – Oil Wrestling

Sabrina and Lara oil themselves for good, making their sexy bodies shiny and ready to wrestle. They show their biceps, backs and legs to the camera striking some body building poses, without a word. All is ready for the match!
Stomach claws, belly torture and rear choke holds make the leit motiv of today. And Sabrina immediately starts to torture Lara’s perfect abs and even her legs. She digs into her flesh and muscles underneath using her fingers and sharp nails, making her scream for the pain.
Lara cannot sem to be able to resist and recover from Sabrina’s secret weapon, she cries while she is punished and pushed to her limit. Chokes and scissors follow the claws torture, not leaving poor Lara a single second to recover.
By the middle of the match, suddendly Lara reacts and has Sabrina in a rear naked choke, but that doesn’t last for long and a mad Sabrina really destroys her belly screaming like a maniac and then chokes her! We have never seen such a mean cruel and violent Sabrina!
After some very long, exciting and hard fought fingerlock tests of strength, Lara ends back on the mats and unable to fight back ending up a victim of Sabrina, who mercylessly ragdolls her through the last part of the match, enjoying every single second of it.
Lara is in tears and begs her to stop, only to undergo a humiliating victory pose with Sabrina’s foot firmly planted on her neck, taunting her.
Sabrina is great as a heel too, and Lara is sexier than ever… even on the receiving end!

Duration: 24 min
Price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
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