SFD084 Lady Scarlet vs Eva
Test Of Strength

Eva and Lady Scarlet circle on the mats, ready for a muscle to muscle confrontation. They both are sexy, strong, determined and stunning beautiful!
A fingerlock test of strength starts the match: they try to force the opponent’s hands down, bending her wrists and making her ask for mercy… slowly increasing the pressure. It’s the sexiest slowmotion ever!
Without letting hands go, they fall to the mats and start wrestling to be on top, with full body pins, forcing breasts into breasts. Grapevine pins bring their faces closer and closer, pushing their bodies more and more… you hear moans of what seems to be a mix of pain, effort and… pleasure!
When hairpulling begins all of a sudden, the two wild cats go at it with renewed energy, always keeping their bodies so close that they seem to move together in a sexy dance on the mats. Scarlet starts strangling Eva, who fights back… you hear the amplified sounds, moans, heavy breaths like if you were literally centimetres away from them!
After breaking the hold, a double bearhug follows with their legs entangled and they can’t help but falling again on the mats and… lips go for lips almost kissing… flesh on flesh… this is pure erotic wrestling where the excitment of the fight, the uninterrupted contact of the bodies rubbing into each other and the obvious arousment of both fighters turns this video into a unique, spectacular, unmissable show!

Duration: 17 min
Price: Euro 15,99 (720p) – Euro 18,99 (1080p)
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6 thoughts on “SFD084 Lady Scarlet vs Eva
Test Of Strength

  1. Excellent work, 2 very hot women in a body vs body leg locked action !Catball fights my favorites always !

  2. @ ric I like most competitive Fights between women It sometimes also Mixed matches.

  3. noch sexy slow motion. Ich mag evas Gesichts Piercings nicht, aber sie hat einen schönen Hintern. Auch Lady Scarlett hat ein schönes Gesäss. ich mag ihre Haarfarbe.

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