SFD083 Lara vs Ambra – Test Of Strength

Lara and Ambra share the same desk in the office and can’t stand each other. Finally they decide to settle their argument with a test of strength challenge. And here we go! They start dressed in everyday clothes and make up, with a fingerlock test of strength (mercy fight); then it’s time for several bearhugs, where Lara seems to be stronger than the much smaller Ambra, lifting her and mercilessy squeezing her midsection, making her submit more than once. What follows is an unusual test of strength, where the girls stand pushing forhead into forhead, like crazy.
Then it’s time for a double strangle, hands around each other’s neck, trying to prevent the opponent from breathing!
The endless series of tests of strength features also a double body scissor contest. The two sexy beauties grunt, moan and suffer during the whole video for the extraordinary effort.
After that, well before half of time, the two colleagues decide that it’s time for a wrestling match, where they both repeatedly use strangles and chokes, sexy grapevine pins, straddles, head and body scissors and many other holds, in order to submit the opponent. Soon the fight becomes a catfight with some hairpulling and strangles where rear choke holds will get them all the submissions, but a final, cruel, one-handed strangle leaving the loser literally breathless.
At the end of this incredible fight a terrific foot on neck victory pose takes place on a subdued loser and almost strangles her, until the moment she is forced to give up and stops fighting back, taking all the humiliation from the proud winner throughly enjoying her victory!

Duration: 29 min
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3 thoughts on “SFD083 Lara vs Ambra – Test Of Strength

    1. Hi Ricky. As you know, these are all custom videos… it seems someone like to see them clothed every now and then. You can still enjoy the vast majority of videos where the girls wear bikinis or underwear.

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