SFD082 Robi vs Andrea
Tickle Wrestling

Two girls, one rope. They call it “tickling bondage wrestling”. In a few words: sexy, curvy, helpless bodies in small bikinis subject to intense tickling. Robi and Andrea wrestle with one only thing in mind: blocking the opponent in a hold and tie her wrists so that she won’t be able to escape, and then torture her with an intense, deep and merciless tickling. Of course the tied up girl is helpless and cannot do anything to prevent her opponent from enjoying her endless tickling session (around 7 minutes each time)!
First fall goes to Andrea and she will sit on Robi’s neck in a almost reverse facesitting position, having great fun with her legs, belly, sides, inner thighs and so on.
The second fall sees Robi prevailing and having her way with Andrea’s exposed body in a crazy tickling session: Andrea’s sides, her breasts, legs, belly and her whole body are tickled by a serious and merciless Robi taking her revenge!
In all you get more than 15 minutes of wrestling with the rope and over 20 minutes of tickling torture.
The final and decisive fall is hard fought, until one girl is able to win the fall and the match, giving her defeated opponent the tickling torture of her life with a touch of humiliation, sitting on her tits, roughing up her hair and taunting her, and finally posing on her.

Duration: 40 min
Price: Euro 21,99 (720p) – Euro 25,99 (1080p)
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2 thoughts on “SFD082 Robi vs Andrea
Tickle Wrestling

  1. If this was not competitive I think it will be interesting a production like this one, with the same rules and torture after each point scored, but with a 100% real and 100% competitive fight

    1. It was competitive “ticklingwise”, but if you want a 100% competitive wrestling action, you will hardly see one girl being able to tie up the other.

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