SFD081 Giorgia vs Lara – Test Of Strength

Giorgia lost a fight with another girl and she asked Lara (a wrestling trainer) to prepare her for the rematch.
Lara explains Giorgia how it would work, and then the two strip down to their underwear, as this is how Giorgia’s fight will happen.
Lara talks a lot and explains Giorgia how to be more self-confident and to behave towards her opponent to intimidate her. Then she starts testing Giorgia’s strength in a sort of standing arm wrestling. After that it’s time for a fingerlock test of strength. Both are slow, with plenty of close ups on their faces showing the great effort they put in it, lots of panting and moaning. They get closer and closer to each other, forehead to forehead… before spraying water on their bodies to simulate sweat and try a double bearhug.
Suddendly, the two fall to the mats and start wrestling, without a word!
Sexy body to body pins, entangled bodies, grapevines, all trying to pin each other wrists down. Hairpulling will follow too, to simulate an abrupt catfight!
Then a no holds barred fight starts, including choking, strangling, bearhugs, mounts… in a very close body to body war.
And Giorgia will be more than ready for her fight in the end!

Duration: 17 min
Price: Euro 15,99 (720p) – Euro 18,99 (1080p)
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1 thought on “SFD081 Giorgia vs Lara – Test Of Strength

  1. Okay. Armwrestling in a Platform is better, not in the air. Das Bauchpiercing von Lara gefällt mir nicht. Ihr Unterteil lässt immerhin/ zumindest einen Teil ihres Gesässes unbedeckt.

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