SFD080 Sabrina vs Robi – Belly To Belly

Sabrina and Robi are up for a challenge where strength and balance play a great part: a pins only match, possibly using their bellies and abs on each other in full body or cross body pins, to keep the opponent down for the count to 5.
After stripping into their bikinis, the girls pose flexing for the main camera, which pans over their fatless bodies, mostly concentrating on bellies and belly button area.
Then the fight starts and headlocks, takedowns are followed by intense mat wrestling trying to pin the opponent down. Look how Robi’s ample breasts are sexily pressed into Sabrina’s… and in turn, look at Sabrina’s perfect round ass while she puts Robi in a spectacular grapevine! Straddles turning into schoolgirl pins, the girls bridging out… and they start panting and breathing heavily for the effort.
What an amazing match!

Duration: 24 min
Price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
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2 thoughts on “SFD080 Sabrina vs Robi – Belly To Belly

  1. This is the third match i’ve seen of Robi vs Sabrina (two from IFW and this one from SFD). In each match Robi and Sabrina seem to have a suppressed sexual tension with each other, neither one acknowledging it so there is restraint and passivity from both. You should have a lot more of these two togher. Maybe a 1 hour contest with no script, just let them go all out, and come out.

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