SFD078 Ambra vs Giorgia – Boxe

Ambra: small and cute, but fierce. Giorgia: bigger, mean and cruel fighter. They face each other in a boxing challenge wearing no gloves.
Ambra starts with a terrific series of punches to Giorgia’s face and chin. She falls to the ground, her lips bleeding… but she’s not done, on the contrary an incredible reaction begins. Giorgia will block Ambra’s further attacks and punch her back with a much greater strength. A massacre has just begun! From now on it will be Giorgia pounding on Ambra making fun of her letting her throw her little, light punches, and then hitting her with every kind of powerful blows, uppercuts, hooks… in a real strength comparison. Ambra’s sweet face will gradually turn into a bloody mess. But Giorgia won’t stop until when she will have completely destroyed her smaller opponent:
when Ambra falls on her knees in front of her tormentor, she gets kneed in the face several times until when she almost passes out and is posed on and humiliated by Giorgia’s foot digging into her soft belly. Only to start over once again… and it’s belly torture time, with hard punches followed by knees to the belly.
Ambra almost throws up.
Another victory pose with Ambra strangled in a back breaker position, only to be dragged around the mats by her hair, forced to crawl on her knees and again posed in a sort of standing scissors where Ambra is forced to look up close into Giorgia’s ass! How humiliating!
I won’t tell you what the last fall looks like, but things keep getting worse and worse for the poor Ambra, until the final humiliating KO, marking her complete defeat.
Warning: the action looks very violent, but it is just well faked (as all the blood you see on Ambra).

Duration: 17 min
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7 thoughts on “SFD078 Ambra vs Giorgia – Boxe

  1. Veramente un bel video…buoni effetti speciali…supremazia netta da parte di una lottatrice, che è quello che sperò sempre esserci…vari ko con victory pose…e finalmente video in lingua italiana!!!

    1. Yes, tutti i video di SFD e anche di IFW sono in italiano perchè le lottatrici sono italiane, ma ci sono sempre i sottotitoli in inglese.
      I contenuti sono quelli richiesti dal cliente che ha commissionato ogni singolo video, perchè tutti i video di SFD sono custom! Richiedi il tuo se lo desideri 🙂

      1. Bello sentire le ragazze parlare italiano. E bello anche che il sito di IFW sia anche nella nostra lingua. Apprezzato, credo, anche da chi non la parla ma la trova molto sexy. Gli incontri poi, sono mediamente di ottima qualità, sia SFD che IFW. Complimenti!

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