SFD076 Lady Scarlet vs Eva – Fake Blood

Eva and Lady Scarlet – two of the sexiest ladies in the roster, both newcomers at SFD – start this match with an intense staredown, almost blowing their rage into each other’s face, pushing and shoving each other breast to breast, head to head.
The wrestling starts and soon they are wildly biting into each other’s neck soft flesh, causing the first blood to spill. Then Scarlet pins Eva on her back and sinks her teeth in the poor girl’s chest, and she really seems to enjoy it a lot!
Punches to the face and belly and a long, cruel, bloody abdominal claw plus one handed strangle seem to put Eva KO after only a few minutes: she’s down on her knees moaning in pain, bleeding from her belly. Later, Eva will be able to fight back and bite Scarlet’s exposed, large breasts. Actually, her tiny bikini top leaves her topless quite often during the match. Then a pencil appears in Eva’s hands… and she starts to stab Scarlet’s belly, turning her into a bloody mess!
More violence, scratches, bites, knees, various wrestling holds will follow in a crescendo of screams and blood until one girl emerges as a final winner after stabbing the other’s neck, and poses on the loser using her foot to cause further pain and humiliation.

Duration: 16 min
Price: Euro 15,99 (720p) – Euro 18,99 (1080p)
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