SFD073 Lara vs Sabrina – Test Of Strength

Sabrina and Lara are two schoolgirls in their school uniforms, in ponytails and barefoot, competing in a test of strength and wrestling match of over 30 minutes to decide who is the the strongest in their group of friends.
The confrontation starts with a double choke challenge, and Sabrina wins. Then double bearhugs, head scissor escape contests, and a double body scissor contest. Each test of strength lasts a few minutes and there’s plenty of close up on the girls’ faces to underline the effort they put at all times.
The second part of the video is a wild submission wrestling match, with focus on rear choke holds that are used to force the opponent into submission, and almost KO, several times.
They often use hairpulling, even if long choke holds are the leit motiv of this match.
The winner will keep the last choke on the loser after her tapping out to humiliate her in a final victory pose, even forcing her to admit she is weaker!
Lara and Sabrina are very sexy in their school girl outfits, and the video offers a wide range of different situations where they try to submit each other, the result being one of a kind production, not to be missed by the test of strength and choke enthusiasts!

Duration: 33 min
Price: Euro 21,99 (720p) – Euro 25,99 (1080p)
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