SFD072 Nina vs Eva
Back Torture

Nina and Eva square off in their black underwear and stockings. Nina is a sadistic, ice-cold and experienced wrestler who enjoys dominating Eva, methodically putting her through a series of long, devastating, back breaking holds for the first half of the match. So we have camel clutches, bow and arrow, back-bending holds where Nina uses her knees… and any other hold putting pressure on the back of Eva, bringing her almost to the breaking point.
Eva is sexy as hell in the role of the perfect jobber, as she is no match for Nina and can only moan in terrible pain from the beginning to the end of this one sided beating.
Her only moment of glory is towards the middle of the match when she can catch Nina by surprise and have her in a terrific and spectacular back breaker where Nina is lifted in the air on Eva’s stretched legs, balanced on her feet. A back breaker will follow, but soon Nina will be in control again with more back breaking holds and then applying a devastating belly punching sequence, followed by a perfect torture rack!
Eva is then put in a bow and arrow hold and posed over by a satisfied Nina, leaving her sobbing, almost in tears for all the pain she suffered.

Duration: 17 min
Price: Euro 15,99 (720p) – Euro 18,99 (1080p)
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2 thoughts on “SFD072 Nina vs Eva
Back Torture

  1. The holds look very good, but the wrestlers do not. There are better looking wrestlers in other videos that do not have face piercings or quite so many tattoos. It is sad because the back holds are the best.

    1. Hi Charlie.
      Thanks for letting us know your opinion on Eva and Nina. Actually, the customer who paid for this custom and all the fans who have been purchasing it for some days now (there are quite a few…) do not share your views on the girls’ looks.
      But no worries: if you don’t like the wrestlers featured in this video, just skip it and order the same kind of custom with two other girls!

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