SFD071 Andrea vs Giada

The third and last match of a round-robin facesitting oil wrestling tournament between Lara, Andrea and the newcomer bully wrestler Giada.
It starts with an interview where the girls talk about their expectations and strengths/weaknesses of each wrestler (approx 7 minutes).
Then they strip into their bikinis, start warming up and Giada and Andrea oil up their bodies just before starting their match.
Rules are: just facesit smother your opponent until she cannot take it anymore and taps or is counted until 10.
Giada is much heavier than the more experienced Andrea and relies on her weight and soon has Andrea under her wide ass, smothered and counted.
Giada seems just too big for Andrea but the smaller girl fights back and 3 minutes into the match they are even!
There’s trash talking, taunting and lots of humiliating facesitting going on during the match.
After many front and reverse facesit smothers by either wrestler, the bigger girl has the best of the smaller beauty and Andrea is simply physically overpowered and ragdolled by a mean Giada, who finishes her off forcing her mouth and nose into her crotch.
Giada has now the chance to subjugate, humiliate and make fun of her helpless and desperate victim. Andrea is put through a series of front and reverse facesitting where the cruel winner even rubs her ass on her face finally smothering her until she passes out and and muscle posing on her.
This video will leave all facesitting fans speachless!

Duration: 26 min
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2 thoughts on “SFD071 Andrea vs Giada

  1. Good Wrestling match. The girl in the red (purple?) bikini is beautiful. I like her more than the women with the black Bikini. I Fan for her. Unfortunately she looses the match in the end.

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