SFD070 Lara vs Giada

The second match of a round-robin facesitting oil wrestling tournament between Lara, Andrea and the newcomer bully wrestler Giada.
It starts with an interview where the girls talk about their expectations and strengths/weaknesses of each wrestler (approx 7 minutes).
Then they strip into their bikinis, start warming up and Giada and Lara oil up their bodies before they begin the 15 minutes match.
Rules are: just facesit smother your opponent until she cannot take it anymore and taps or is counted until 10.
There is a lot of trash talking, and the girl on top taunts and makes fun of the other at all times.
The match is a terrific sequence of the sexiest facesitting pins, where the much heavier Giada makes Lara disappear under her large ass whenever she has the chance, and it’s neither a nice feeling, nor an easy escape. On the other hand, Lara uses her athletic body, agility and technical skills to force the less dynamic opponent’s face down there and smother her.
After several falls, there will be a winner and she will be allowed to victory pose and dominate the loser in a 3 minute front and reverse facesitting torture, where she truly enjoys humiliating the upset opponent.

Duration: 27 min
Price: Euro 19,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p)
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