SFD068 Caterina vs Andrea – Fake Blood

The taller Caterina in a small (too small) bikini towers on Andrea and intimidatingly looks straight into her eyes. Andrea takes the staredown challenge and for a long minute she looks back, while their noses, breasts and bellies are almost touching. The fight erupts suddendly, and from now on each of the two will simply try to hurt the other to force her to submit and declare her surrender. Tiny Caterina’s bikini top proves an hard opponent as well and offers additional viewing pleasure with some nip-slips (I’d say tit-slips…).
With the first deep bite into Andrea’s head the blood starts to flow, and that gives the go to the no holds barred fight made of face punches, hits, strangles, more biting, pain, heads banged into the floor, kicks, scratches, screams of terror… and plenty of – obviously fake – blood. Check the pics below to see what you can expect from this video, and if you are offended by simulated violence please skip this one.
If you like to see Andrea and Caterina like you would have never imagined, fighting in sexy bikinis, rendered into a bloody mess… almost turned into wild beasts, then this is for you!
Andrea destroys Caterina in the end and punches her face while holding her by the hair until she cannot fight back anymore and then deeply bites her belly in sign of complete dominance over her, flexing her bicep.

Duration: 17 min
Price: Euro 15,99 (720p) – Euro 18,99 (1080p)
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5 thoughts on “SFD068 Caterina vs Andrea – Fake Blood

    1. Thank you Max. Sponsor one of this category and we will make it exactly how you want it 😉

    1. Hi. Caterina has a *very* unstable top here and no blurring. Andrea is less exposed for sure.

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