SFD066 Ambra vs Sabrina – Belly To Belly

Sabrina and Ambra flex their biceps and slowly strip into sexy bikinis in front of the cameras and start warming up for the match. Good opportunity for nice belly and belly buttons close ups! A long, even, sexy fingerlock test of strength takes place in the beginning of each fall, where their bellies and breasts are pushed into each other while trying to force the other down on her knees!
And then… the wrestling starts! Most holds are body presses, full body pins (front and reverse), cross body pins but also spectacular grapevines with breast smothers, reverse scissors and figure fours and even a school girl pin… with a constant, permanent focus on those flat bellies pressed on each other, to block the opponent and pin her, counting to five!
Sabrina’s heavier, Ambra is more agile and has longer wrestling experience. Who will prevail? There will be a clear winner after many falls who will be allowed a long victory pose which is a beautiful grapevine plus bicep pose applied eyes in eyes on a disappointed loser, followed by a humiliating school girl pin!
Not to be missed by all the belly-enthusiasts and all the female wrestling fans!

Duration: 30 min
Price: Euro 19,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p)
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