SFD064 Eva vs Nina – Shibari

Shibari! Something new for Sexy Fight Dreams and probably one of a kind on the internet as well.
Eva and Nina wrestle for 11 minutes pins and submissions. After an even start, Nina proves a better wrestler, and stronger. She puts Eva in several holds like mount, rear naked choke, body scissors, grapevine pin, breast smother, several facesitting smothers and else, forcing her to submit more than once.
Eva is now helpless and Nina easily finishes her off and poses on her.
Eva is then dragged around by her hair and given to the famous Master of Shibari Hikari Kesho to be slowly, ritually tied and then suspended according to the ancient Japanese artistic form of rope bondage for 15 minutes in an incredible and unique demonstration of an ancient art.
Eva – after being also spanked as part of her punishment – is finally left moaning, laying tied on the floor, defeated and humiliated.
Quite possible the only place on the whole world wide web where you would be able to find such an unbelievable production.

Duration: 26 min
Price: Euro 19,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p)
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4 thoughts on “SFD064 Eva vs Nina – Shibari

  1. I don’t usually approve of any male involvement in a female combat situation, but this weird, atmospheric video gave me a huge turn on, and is proof that no nudity or overt sexual activity are necessary in order create a genuinely erotic femfight experience, both viewers and participants.

    The raven haired, cat-eyed beauty Eva, who finds herself being dominated, first by another woman in the wrestling match, then by a weird monk-like man as a consequence of her defeat, gave every impression of being both mortified and aroused by what was happening to her, and Nina was a regal and imperious dominatrix.

    Highly recommended if you fancy something a little off the wall … or off the ceiling, which was where Eva ended up dangling!

    More from Eva and Nina please … they are gorgeous.

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