SFD061 Zoe vs Venere – Fake Blood

The two contenders have a long intense staredown, their faces inches from each other, eyes in eyes.
Then the fight starts and soon they are rolling around on the mats, exchanging “kind” words, hairpulling and scissoring the opponent. Zoe seems to get the upper hand, but after 5 minutes of catfighting Venere unexpectedly bites her shoulder and then her thigh, and blood starts to flow! Zoe will react biting Zoe’s forehead like a cannibal… from now on the girls lose their temper and it’s a wild bout with punches and slaps to the face and head, more biting, any kind of blows and violence! Zoe is head scissored, punched to the face until when she almost goes limp. Then she is bit, deeply scratched and clawed on the back by Venere’s nails… and blood is all over the place! But it’s not over yet, as Zoe comes back, straddles Venere and strangles her making her pass out.
Finally she triumphantly poses on the limp body of the defeated opponent, blood dripping from her mouth on the opponent’s motionless body.
No worries, even if the video is truly impressive and realistic, Venere is still with us!

Duration: 17 min
Price: Euro 15,99 (720p) – Euro 18,99 (1080p)
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2 thoughts on “SFD061 Zoe vs Venere – Fake Blood

  1. Excellent , just a bit of more leglocked rolling with hair pulling and biting would make it a masterpiece , THE Fight !
    Keep up making us very very happy !
    Many thanks to the lovely girls and to all SFD team !

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