SFD059 Sabrina vs Tobia

The beautiful Sabrina had won Tobia in the past in other martial arts and now after some training he is back for the rematch, and it’ wrestling! He tries all, even provoking her time to time, but after the initial part when the match is reasonably even, slowly she will take the upper hand and submit him several times. There’s lots of taunting and she loves making fun of him when he’s in trouble. Head scissors, triangles, figure four, headlocks, takedowns, breast smothers, schoolgirl pins, armbars… Sabrina showcases her knowledge of wrestling holds. Tobia does all he can to resist and fight back, but with scarce results. The more time passes, the weaker he grows… and the match becomes almost one sided. She starts having real fun and wants to humiliate an helpless and frustrated Tobia: she makes him say he’s her little bitch, she doesn’t release the holds even after his tapping out. She makes him bag her several times. We get to discover Sabrina’s cruel side here and she looks like having great fun torturing him, almost making him cry! A must for the fans of the genre.
Of course there is a nice foot on chest victory pose.

Duration: 26 min
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6 thoughts on “SFD059 Sabrina vs Tobia

  1. This video is amazing!! Sabrina is a mind blow girl!!. The victory pose is INCREDIBLE. I loved victory pose, for me, every match must end wint a foot on chest victory pose. Thanks you for this AMAZING videos. I hope to see again sabrina on top of a opponent again!

    1. Hi Serio.
      We’re all extremely happy to ready your comment, Sabrina of course is first!
      Keep following us and you won’t be disappointed.

  2. This was one of the best mixed wrestling videos I’ve watched and it was mainly thanks to Sabrina. Not only is she so good looking, but she had an amazing attitude during the fight. In fact she was so good that I am considering buying some f/f videos with her, despite the fact that I was never interested in f/f.
    I understand that this match wasn’t 100% competitive, because even though Sabrina obviously knows Judo, so did her opponent (I do judo as well so I could easily tell) so she could never beat him. But I really hope to see Sabrina in a mixed match again, either with a similar or, preferably, with a weaker opponent.
    Again, an excellent video. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks Milton. We are looking forward to receive more and more mixed custom orders to keep up with it!

      1. You need a custom order to use Sabrina in a mixed match again ? Too bad…

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