SFD058 Zoe vs Lara – Belly To Belly

The two natural beauties do a beautiful biceps muscle pose, getting ready for the fight. Both wear belly button rings (belly close-ups throughout the whole match).
Wrestling starts, Zoe goes for her headlock takedowns and Lara is grounded! But she reacts immediately and presses her belly on Zoe’s… soon they realize it’s better to take their piercing off and immediately after, wrestling continues with a fingerlock test of strength, the two bellies firmly pressed against one another.
Each time they fall to the mats, they try to pin the opponent using cross body pins, full body pins, and any other hold that implies close body to body contact, especially sexily pressing their bellies against each other.
The ladies fight most time on the mats: several beautifully executed, spectacular grapevine pins, belly-crushing front, side and reverse body scissors are also used to win submissions (and there will be many!).
If watching sexy, fit bodies entangle in close belly to belly wrestling action is your thing, this video is not to be missed!

Duration: 22 min
Price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
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3 thoughts on “SFD058 Zoe vs Lara – Belly To Belly

  1. Do you have any videos with the women throwing punches to the stomach and pounding back blows the HD is great if you would do a video like that it would be a great video. Iam asking please make one

    1. Hi Dale. We do have several videos with some belly punching in them, please just use the search box and type belly punching, or punch and you will find them all. Or just click this link: Belly Punching
      Since all SFD videos are custom videos… go on and ask for yours! 🙂

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