SFD057 Stella vs Sabrina
One Sided

The girls start their confrontation with an intense staredown, and then the fight begins. Stella, in spite of being heavier, suffers Sabrina’s scissors and aggressiveness very much; immediately they start using hairpulling to try and keep the opponent under control.
In spite of trying hard, Stella is soon under Sabrina’s total control. She makes fun of her, scissors her mercilessy making her moan in pain and almost cry. Then, after putting off every single attempt of Stella to fight back making constantly use of hairpulling, Sabrina closes her legs on her once again, rolls her over had squeezes hard.
Stella is under attack throughout the match. Sabrina tries to strangle her, headscissors her and when Stella cries in pain, desperate, tapping out repeatedly, Sabrina doesn’t let go!
Stella is now afraid of her opponent, and she is right as Sabrina becomes nastier and nastier, she loves making her submit several times in her scissors and rear choke holds and then cry, taunting her at all time, making her beg for mercy!
Now in the middle of the match Sabrina decides to start using her sexy feet on Stella, with the sole purpose of humiliating her even further. And Stella – mow almost helpless – is forced to take Sabrina’s feet on her face, neck and head, is hand-over-mouth smothered and even smothered in a full-weight facesitting!
After countless submissions, Stella is finally forced to stop fight back and pinned a schoolgirl pin that becomes a facesitting once again, she is then dragged around, forced to take Sabrina’s feet on her face, strangled once more.
She is then posed on for long time, foot-on-cheek by a gloating Sabrina.
A terrific domination match for the fans of one sided beatings and humiliation.

Duration: 29 min
Price: Euro 19,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p)
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1 thought on “SFD057 Stella vs Sabrina
One Sided

  1. Girls are amazing. Watching previews of other matches. Makes 1 want to see Sexy Stella go thru more rougher n tougher matches. Can’t wait to see more with Stella getting her butt kicked well.

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