SFD056 Ambra vs Lara – Beating

Lara is ultra confident in her sexy red and black underwear and Ambra seems afraid to fight when she starts warming up, in the sexiest panties she’s ever worn in any SFD video. If this is not enough for you to go on and buy the video you may read on…
The way how they look at each other says a lot about their feelings and the upcoming beating that Ambra is going to take, and she knows that.
Lara is the most mean, cruel and pityless wrestler and catfighter of the roster. Today she was hired to give Ambra the beating of her life, and indeed she achieves her task beyond expectations!
Thousands of bare knuckle punches and open hand slaps, Lara’s smile getting wider and meaner at each of them, Ambra’s face turning more and more covered with blue bruises and blood. For sure she tries to throw some punches but with little effect.
Long series of belly punches and more hard slaps are on their way. Ambra is on her knees only to be lifted by her hair and taking more blows. Knees to the belly were missing, but they’re coming now.
It’s half an hour tremendous display of strength by Lara who totally overpowers, destroys, beats, taunts, humiliates the small and helpless Ambra, enjoying every moment of it. Ambra even tries to crawl away, but no way: she gets caught and forced to kneel at her tormentor’s feet!
Ambra will have to beg several times to be finally left alone, sobbing in tears of pain and humiliation, after the final victory pose.
Warning: because of the use of fake blood, fake bruises and sound effects the outcome is quite realistic. Do not purchase this video if you are very impressionable.

Duration: 31 min
Price: Euro 21,99 (720p) – Euro 25,99 (1080p)
EU residents please note that local VAT will be added to your purchase according to the most recent EU regulations.

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5 thoughts on “SFD056 Ambra vs Lara – Beating

  1. bel video…buoni effetti speciali…supremazia netta da parte di una lottatrice…dominazione completa one side..molto buono…lo consiglio per gli amanti del genere

  2. Nice outfits. Bit topless would be still nicer and I dont like those fake blood Stuff.

  3. What’s called the girl with brown hairs? What’s the name of brown-haired girl?
    She appears skiful!

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