SFD055 Venere vs Sabrina – Sabrina vs Eva – Final

This is the 3nd and last part of the tournament covered by SFD053-054-055. The matches are divided in 2 falls with no breaks of 4 minutes each. The more submissions win. Winners get 2 points. The more points win the tournament, otherwise there will be a pauseless final match, 3 submissions to win.
Here you get to see the last 2 fights, plus the final match.
Venere and Sabrina square off first, with a remarkable weight advantage for Venere who tries to overpower and squash Sabrina with her muscles and strength. Sabrina is soon grapevined and smotherd, in a super sexy long hold, flat on her back… but she’s a tough girl and reacts doing anything she can to lift her shoulders.
Next will be Venere’s scissors on Sabrina’s midsection followed by a terrific schoolgirl pin, leaving Sabrina frustrated and helpless. Then Venere bearhugs her trying to crush her ribs into submission. Looks like a totally one sided bout.
During the second fall, Venere goes for her neck and blocks her taunting her too, but surprise! Sabrina grapevines and breast smothers Venere in revenge! Ready for a crazy final part of this match, ending with a gloating winner and a very disappointed loser who is humiliated in a very creative victory pose.
The next match is Sabrina vs Eva, again a bigger opponent for the tough Sabrina, who compensates the weight mismatch with great technical skills and stamina against Eva’s long and strong legs. Looks like an even match, until when Eva schoolgirl pins Sabrina, who cannot push her off. Will the bigger Eva humiliate Sabrina throughout the match or else? Very high humiliating schoolgirl pin as a victory pose for the winner.
The final confrontation is again Sabrina vs Eva, because both have won 2 matches out of 3 and we need a winner. Sabrina starts fast but Eva secures a terrific scissor and smiles cruelly while tightening up the hold. Grapevines and breast smothers for both, more body scissors, taunting and mocking, and many more holds follow one another in an even and hard fought match! Tables are turned many times during the match, but one of the wrestlers will finally manage to prevail and win the tournament!
The final victory pose includes a facesitting humiliation where the loser must take the winner’s crotch right on her nose and mouth. Short final interview for the winner.

Duration: 40 min
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2 thoughts on “SFD055 Venere vs Sabrina – Sabrina vs Eva – Final

  1. Great to see 2 of my favourite girls, Eva and Sabrina, fighting each other twice in the same video, plus Sabrina going against the lovely Venere.

    If you could film a smother submission tournament between these same 3 girls that would be awesome!

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