SFD054 Eva vs Caterina
– Venere vs Caterina

Here is the 2nd part of this tournament which is entirely covered by SFD053-054-055. The matches are divided in 2 falls with no breaks of 4 minutes each. The more submissions win. Winners get 2 points. The more points win the tournament, otherwise there will be a pauseless final match, 3 submissions to win.
The third and fourth match are featured in SFD054: let’s start with Eva vs Caterina. Caterina attacks with great aggressiveness and has Eva trapped in her scissors soon, giving her her personal welcome, repeatedly taunting her too. Eva seems helpless and is ragdolled for some time by the sexy opponent who really enjoys her dominance. When Eva fights back, her long and powerful legs give some trouble to Caterina too and even make her almost loose her top for a second!
In the second fall we see Caterina attacking and Eva defending, but soon the former starts to get tired and Eva comes back and pins her in a fantastic grapevine!
Becaue of a “nail injury”, Caterina can rest for some time and starts again showing Eva who’s stronger… but again without being enough effective. Final, long victory pose on a pissed off loser.
Caterina fights Venere in the next “heavy weights” match, and it soon gets very physical. Caterina’s scissors are very strong, and have Venere moaning in pain, taken by surprise.
Venere reacts with a bearhug and a pin attempt, but again soon Caterina is on top and then bodyscissoring Venere and pinning her at the same time trying to smother her with her perfect breast too.
It looks like that breast smothers are Caterina’s favorite move and Venere suffers a lot under her tits… several times. Caterina is clearly in control of the match and after playing cat and mouse with her opponent, almost unable to give her any trouble, brings home the win.

Duration:  24 min
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