SFD053 Sabrina vs Caterina
– Eva vs Venere

Some minutes of introduction where the 4 girls taking part in this tournament (which comprehends SFD053, 54 and 55) explain what their expectations are, what they think about the opponents and their strengths and weaknesses.
The matches are divided in 2 falls with no breaks of 4 minutes each. The more submissions win. Winners get 2 points. The more points win the tournament, otherwise there will be a pauseless final match, 3 submissions to win.
The first match sees Caterina (in a very slippery mini bikini…) fight Sabrina, and they go at it fast paced according to what the format requires. Caterina’s breast smother is epic and gets her the first submission! Then Sabrina will fight back and use all her skills to put her opponent under great pressure with headlocks and pin attemps, especially during the second fall. A very sexy school girl pin will even the match.
The final part of the match – very hard fought and spectacular – will give the victory to one of the girls with a incredible headscissor. Victory pose.
Eva and Venere follow, and this is the first time when we see Eva on SFD mats. She seems to suffer Venere’s experience and strength: she gets caught in a headlock and then scissored but doesn’t give up. Venere seems too much for Eva, even if she gives all she can to stay in the match, she’s got dangerous legs and uses them in very good scissors. Venere scores a spectacular grapevine pin among the other holds that she shows during the match.

Duration:  27 min
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2 thoughts on “SFD053 Sabrina vs Caterina
– Eva vs Venere

  1. Das ist ein gutes Ringturnier. Competitives Frauenwrestling. Es könnte noch besser sein aber schon mal gut so.

    1. For the non-German speaking guys out there: “This is a good ring tournament. Competitive Women’s Wrestling. It could be even better but already well so.”

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