SFD052 Sabrina vs Robi – Fake Blood

The girls start with a quick staredown and the fight erupts in all its violence. Immediately they exchange terrific series of punches and slaps to the face, opening bloody wounds. Then they wildly bite each other, drive each other’s head into the floor with a blood freezing skull-crushing sound.
Hooks to the jaw and face add blood to blood. Hair are savagely pulled, only to help delivering violent knees to the belly. 5 minutes into the video Sabrina is a bloody mess on the mats, writhing in pain.
More pain, wounds, blood, hits, punches, kicks, bites, scratches… will follow, with closeups to better show how hard the blows are.
When Robi decide to dig with her claws into Sabrina’s open bleeding wounds, well, it looks scary.
There is still room for Sabrina’s payback, of the same kind, adding some knee blows to an already kneeling Robi’s head and face!
There is also a long two handed, bloody-strangling scene, a must for the fans of the genre.
The girls take all the punishment, often crying in pain, screaming and moaning in a very realistic way.
Robi ends the match with a rear naked choke hold making Sabrina bleed from her mouth, slowly, almost sending her to dreamland.
Of course all the blood and wounds are fake and no model was harmed during the shooting.
Duration:  19 min
Price: Euro 15,99 (720p) – Euro 18,99 (1080p)
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4 thoughts on “SFD052 Sabrina vs Robi – Fake Blood

  1. Another great video by this site. The girls did a great job making this video look as realistic as possible. Very well acted and choreographed. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you Mitchell. More of the same will come as long as our very generous clients continue to order new fake blood custom videos!

  2. Great match for my two favourite wrestlers and very realistic. By the way I am the only one who thinks Sabrina could be even better as a jobber in more matches. I love to see her cry and be defeated and humiliated in a facesitting match, she could be so sexy in that.

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