SFD051 Andrea vs Diego
School Girl Pin

Andrea wears a dark bikini which highlights her sexy curves during the whole action. She dominates this  schoolgirl pin match with count to 10, to underline her dominance even longer than the usual count to 5.
Andrea uses take downs, headlocks, grapevine pins, scissors, triangles and other moves to keep Diego under control, tire him down and then  finishes him off with sexy high schoolgirl pins, sometimes applied together with breast smothers to add insult to injury.
He tries to fight back but is soon overpowered by the superior skills of Andrea, who turns the table and is back in control.
If you like to see Andrea in an extremely sexy bikini barely capale of keeping her bosom from overflowing… while she dominates the match proving that she is stronger than an equal sized man, humiliating him with several school girl pins, this is for you!
Victory pose in the end.

Duration: 24 min
Price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
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3 thoughts on “SFD051 Andrea vs Diego
School Girl Pin

  1. Andrea is a strong and very good wrestler. She’s also absolutely gorgeous. I know this match wasn’t really competitive, but it would have been more realistic to let Diego fight back in a couple of the matches and maybe even pin Andrea once or twice. I also would have liked to see a few different pin moves. A grapevine pin to 10 or Andrea just holding Diego’s arms down instead of knees on arms every time.

    The match was fun but could have been really special with a little more variety on the pins.

    1. Hey Gerald, thank you for your opinion. You know, these are all custom videos and we have to follow the client’s requirements, and sometimes they like a one sided match. If you look at Italian Female Wrestling, you will find more competitive bouts and… even Andrea losing a mixed match! 😉

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