SFD050 Robi vs Angelica – Test Of Strength

Robi and Angelica are colleagues. They meet in the countryside, because they have a work-related argument to settle.
They are dressed in everyday casual clothes and after a long staredown, circling each other, they decide it’s time for tests of strength challenge and very slowly, never losing eye contact, they raise their arms and interlock their fingers for a mercy fight!
You can read the effort and the determination in their eyes, each trying to overpower the opponent and make her go down on her knees. After that, they will try a very unuasual “finger wrestling”, then move to a slow and intense double hairpulling endurance challenge, and even a double strangle challenge will follow.
The two girls keep their clothes on for the whole video, which doesn’t make they look less sexy than usual. Their experessions show how both of them are determined to win while the intensity, the slow movements and the eye contact are the main features of this video.

Duration: 22 min
Price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
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10 thoughts on “SFD050 Robi vs Angelica – Test Of Strength

    1. Hi Ricky. It seems the guys who ordered the clothed custom videos had a different idea about how sexy the girls can be even fully dressed. What can I say, not everybody shares the same tastes! 🙂

  1. This was a boring video…. A real Catfight has tearing clothes and near the end both ladies end up top less …

    1. Hi D.Parfel and thank you for your comment.
      This video was not meant to be a real catfight, if you go through the description you will see that slow tests of strength are what the customer required us to do. Same about the clothing part.
      If you want real hard catfights, I’d suggest to check Italian Female Wrestling, and specifically Sabrina vs Robi… that one is a real hairpulling face slapping competitive catfight (but no, we don’t do topless, I’m sorry)

  2. I have to disagree with some of the previous comments…I absolutely loved this custom match-up between Robi and Angelica. The fact that both women were fully clothed added to the eroticism of their private woman to woman meeting. From the first smouldering look both women give each other you know that you are going to be witness to a true battle of wills between two beautiful and very strong willed females. SFD have done yet another great job of matching up two seemingly evenly matched women and whether it was down to great acting on the part of Angelica and Robi or some genuine rivalry between these two stunners you honestly believe that they want to grind each other into submission. I love the continuous eye to eye contact between the two during this battle of wills and the looks they give each other are just to die for and an incredible turn on. Neither woman appears to want to lose or back down to the other and I love how it ended between them…look forward to seeing these two lock up again to see which of them is the better woman.

    1. Hi Jim and thanks for your detailed comment. That’s why we do custom videos here: because everyone has their own tastes and what looks like the best video ever to me, could be a useless waste of money to someone else!
      Thank you on behalf of Robi and Angelica as well… and in case you are fancying any other clothed matchup, let us know!

  3. to me this is so real to a catfight standing up to one another sizing each other up. the smack talk wondering could this get ugly and it almost does, i’d love to have this if it came as a d.v.d. it looks like a tenc catfight.

  4. Hi Ric,
    Thank you for this interesting creation I have found pleasant and vibrating.
    Would it be possible for you to produce other videos following this exact scenario and this exact way of shooting with
    long close-ups ( but regardless of the environment, unless in term of good light conditions of course 😉 ) with other
    protagonists ?
    ( and with Robi or with Angelica again of course, they are talented, please relay my compliment to them 😉 )
    I would be a customer for that kind of stuff.

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