SFD049 Andrea vs Ambra – Test Of Strength

The girls start with a long and hard fought arm wrestling contest, dressed in their long sleeved, white shirts and a skirt for Andrea, skin-tight jeans for Ambra, both with their hair untied.
Then, a long sequence of slow, even tests of strength follows, a 2 out of 3 mercy fight is the first, until the moment one girl is able to bend the other wrists back and force her to submit. They moan for the great effort and pain, their faces telling how much effort they are putting into it.
Then they have to push the opponent past a white line behind her, followed by a double body scissor contest, where each of them squeezes as hard as she can until the opponent if forced to give up. A double bearhug challenge, and then some good submission wrestling for the remaining 20 minutes of video, where schoolgirl pins, head, neck, and again body scissors.
But suddendly the wrestling turns into a wild catfight with double handed chokes, hairpulling and illegal moves! A beautiful rear naked choke will give the first point, soon reciprocated by the other girl, making the opponent almost pass out. From now on, a rear chokes challenge ensues! Long, tight, coupled with a body triangle or a scissor… and then a spectacular figure four head scissor… what a show!
The winner poses on the defeated opponent in a sexy and humiliating victory pose, keeping her helpless under her feet, almost dislocating her shoulders, making her scream for the pain.
You get to see armwrestling, several tests of strength, wrestling and catfight with eight submissions in one only video, plus a final sexy victory pose. Don’t miss this one!

Duration: 32 min
Price: Euro 21,99 (720p) – Euro 25,99 (1080p)
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9 thoughts on “SFD049 Andrea vs Ambra – Test Of Strength

  1. Andrea vs Ambra productions are the best here at SFD, and seeing Ambra That destroys and humiliates Andrea is always a pleasure.

    1. Thanks Lucky.
      Ambra and Andrea are for sure on top of the list for many, in both competitive wrestling and catfight at IFW and scripted matches here at SFD, also because of their very good acting skills on top of their knowledge of wrestling moves. And – of course – their beauty!
      So why not going on and sending your script for a custom video to make your very personal fantasy come true?

      1. I’m still waiting for that Ambra vs Andrea (domination with feet I think) that you said it could be released in both SFD and IFW.

  2. Pretty good overall.
    I was pleased that Andrea wrestled in a skirt. The skirt really brought out the beauty of her legs. She could have chosen skimpier erwear though. It’s a pity Ambra did not also wear a skirt.

    I disagree with some of the people not liking clothed matches. It would be good to see more wrestling matches in skirts. I would definitely buy more if this happened.

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