SFD046 Andrea vs Robi vs Lara

Robi, who happens to be Lara’s girlfriend, surprises Andrea and Lara during an intimate conversation. Robi goes nuts and KOs Andrea with a hook to the jaw and then attacks Lara.
The fight is up! The girls focus on chokes, especially rear naked choke holds, strangles and punches to the lower belly trying to overpower each other. Finally Robi chokes Lara with her own arms and reverts to Andrea, who is waking up.
The two start wrestling and again it’s chokes of every imaginable kind, including spectacular figure4 headscissors. They also exchange long, excruciating series of punches and blows to each other’s belly, until Andrea is downed again.
Now it’s Lara sneaking behind Robi and putting her in a rear naked choke but only to end up in a terrific neck scissor, followed by several other sexy holds leadind to Robi’s ko.
And now Andrea is back, and after a short discussion with Lara the two start another fight… which will see Lara choked, kneed to the belly and strangled but in the end she will fight back, trap Andrea’s head between her thighs grabbing her hair and squeezing so hard that she passes out.
Lara is the winner of this terrific 3-way fight!

Duration: 21 min
Price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
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