SFD045 Ambra vs Asia – Prop-Knives

The two lightweights Ambra and Asia face each other in an unusual prop-knives challenge, to the last woman standing.
They start in dresses but will eventually strip to their bikinis during the fight. The action is based on tests of strength and long pins with the girls in close sexy body to body, crotch to crotch contact, trying to block the opponent and stab her to “death”.
So lots of pins, mounts, tits rubbed against tits and grapevine pins while trying to gain full control of the opponent with great effort, moans and sweat.
Each fall (there are 4 in all for over 40 minutes of footage) ends with one of the girls repeatedly stabbed to death to her breast, belly, legs… (no fake blood here), doubled over and writhing in a long, slow and sexy climaxing agony, finally posed on by the killer.
The focus of this unique production is more on the contact and rubbing between the bodies of the two models with plenty of closeups, rather then on realism, unlike in the fake blood series.

Duration: 43 min
Price: Euro 21,99 (720p) – Euro 25,99 (1080p)
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4 thoughts on “SFD045 Ambra vs Asia – Prop-Knives

  1. This has to be in my opinion, the best match up in Sexy Fight Dreams lineup. As a fan of fingerlock test of strengths, this is a new twist where both wrestlers are using toy knives to struggle over. Much of the action is up and close and personal as they struggle over the props. A few times they lock fingers in a test of strength and then struggle with the other hands over the toy knife.
    At one point one of the wrestlers manages to get both toy knives and have them both pointed at her opponent during the struggle. (And they started out on equal footing, which made it all the more impressive.)
    Very slow struggles.

    I have to say, if this was scripted, it was VERY hard to tell. It looked like genuine struggling and test of strengths over the props and while there were 4 total arounds, I think the ending had a clear winner when she managed to end up with both knives at the same time to win the last round. (And her opponent – even though she didn’t have a knife – didn’t go down without a long struggle first!)

    Would rate a very solid 9.8 / 10.0.

    + Slow and personal struggle
    + Some fingerlock test of strength during the struggle
    + Prop knives (nice twist for a change)
    + Looks authentic and without a script
    + Both wrestlers seem like they want to win
    + Grapevine pins
    + Technique where one wrestler ends up with both knives at same time struggling against her opponent
    + Good camera work
    + Skirts to start out in (then bikinis)

    – No opening Staredown
    – Not much eye contact made during match
    – No scissor holds (Few times while one is on top of other, the one on bottom could have wrapped her legs around her opponent while struggling)

    1. Hi Shane.
      This is possibly the most detailed review ever done on a SFD production, for which we all want to thank you very much. And of course we are all glad to see that you liked the video a lot.
      Yes this was scripted and in detail, so most of the pros/cons follow specific requirements.
      Please feel free to send your own idea for a custom and we’ll do our best to score a full 10/10! 😉
      Ric – SFD

  2. Excellent, very good work ,I hope there be some day a mix of fake blood,hair pulling catball catfight and knives all in one !It ll be THE mother of all fights!
    Thank you for giving us sth very unique!
    Grazie !

    1. Hi Petros and thank you for showing your appreciation. Your idea sounds very interesting… and it looks like we should put together different sponsors to make it real. Anybody interested? Please email sales@sexyfightdreams.com

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