SFD043 Lara vs Venere – Test Of Strength

Lara and Venere are working out together and soon they start comparing each other’s bodies. Who’s the strongest of the two? Challenge issued! A quick staredown and they sexily underss to their underwear, barefoot.
Forehead to forehead, they start a mercy fight, adding more and more pressure as time goes by, shoulder to shoulder, until when Lara can force Venere flat on her back and straddles her. But Venere will reverse the pin soon! The fight is up, they will be on top in turn trying as hard as they can to keep the opponent’s wrists down and render her helpless with straddles, grapevine pins and full body presses.
When Lara catches Venere in a high and humiliating schoolgirl pins, she seems helpless and almost forced to surrender, but… no way! The taller girl turns tables once again and forces Lara on her back.
Seeing that no girl can overpower the opponent, a crazy mutual hairpulling follows where hair are yanked and pulled hard in unbearable pain, until the moment when both fall to the mats where Lara puts Venere in a long, spectacular grapevine pin, opening Venere’s legs wide and pushing her breast into the opponent face: hot as hell! Of course Venere will do the same later using her weight to keep Lara pinned once again.
When they decide to wrestle on the mats, trying to put each other in a deadly scissor, it’s again a great show watching their bodies entangled in terrific scissors and headlocks, rolling on the mats.
The final long double bearhug where each girl crushes the other with all her strength is supposed to decide the match, but it looks like they are even and the winner will be decided the next time.

Duration: 24 min
Price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
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