SFD041 Stella vs Robi
Back Torture

The girls are standing in front of each other and have a long intense staredown before starting the fight begins. Stella appears to be stronger and even if Robi tries all she can, Stella puts her in every possible hold with the only intent of breaking her back!
Bow and arrow, back breakers, knees to the small of her back, terrific camel clutches! Slowly but steadily Stella wears her opponent down with long, painful and unescapable holds. Every single hold is kept as long as Robi can resist and various camera angles alternating close ups and wider angles underline how painful such holds are, and how helpless and dominated she is, without even a single chance to fight back.
Stella even violently kicks Robi’s back when she’s down and then applies a terrific over the knee back breaker, almost killing her for the unbearable pain and you hear her moaning and crying in despair.
When Stella decides to attack Robi with a belly punching session, followed by a series of knee to the belly blasts… Robi is almost done. You hear the smack of the punches and her face says it all!
The last spectacular holds finish the job, and Robi is totally defeated and humbled by the superior skills of Stella in a 100% one sided match, her back suffering unbearable pain from the last standing back breaker, destroying her for good, leaving her in tears and posed on by a cruel Stella, showing the loser’s face to the camera, begging for mercy.

Duration: 14 min
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4 thoughts on “SFD041 Stella vs Robi
Back Torture

  1. This is a great video. Beautiful women, and some great holds. The camera work is excellent. All the angles that were used were great. Thank you very much

    1. Thanks Charlie. The back-breaking holds are an interesting theme for a custom, and this video proves that. Maybe trying the same with a different couple of wrestlers? mmm…

      1. I would love to see more back-torture videos, and many of your wrestlers are very skilled and beautiful so a variety would be welcome.

      2. Good. And I agree with you… we just need someone to place a custom order for another back torture video out there! 🙂

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