SFD040 Robi vs Lara – Oil Wrestling

Robi and Lara sexily oil themselves up before striking some body building poses to compare each other’s shiny muscles. Suddendly Lara sneaks behind Robi and puts her in a full nelson, The fight is up! Lara keeps the hold for a long time, torturing Robi’s back, until when she falls on her knees and is put a body scissor! Robi reacts and fights back… the match is hard fought, full nelsons, body and head scissors, rear naked chokes, straddles, grapevine pins, several long fingerlock tests of strengths, you name it!
Robi makes Lara stand up dragging her by the air, she applies painfuls abdominal claws making her cry for the pain. Then she puts her in a figure four head scissor… and soon she finds herself pinned in a headlock and then put in an armbar and choked by Lara’s foot!
Soon will be Robi’s turn to cry in despair in a back braker with Lara’s claws on her belly.
The sequence of holds used is endless in this unbelievable match over 30 minutes long, and each of them is long and perfeclty applied giving the cameras the possibility to catch every detail using closeups and the best possible angles.
Towards the end one girl is taken in bearhug and thrown to the mats where she is forced to admit her defeat. The long and sexy victory pose is a humiliating foot on the neck plus biceps pose, with lots of teasing adding insult to injury for a mad loser.
Cannot be missed.

Duration: 36 min
Price: Euro 21,99 (720p) – Euro 25,99 (1080p)
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11 thoughts on “SFD040 Robi vs Lara – Oil Wrestling

  1. Bel video, non ho capito come Robi abbia perso dominando tutto il match, qualche low blow ci sarebbero stati bene.

    1. Ciao. I video sono tutti custom ordinati da singoli clienti, rispondono quindi alle loro specifiche richieste. Hai ragione, qualche colpo basso ci sarebbe stato bene!

  2. One of the hottest videos I’ve seen in a long time! I would love to see more oil wrestling. The only thing that would have made it better is if the girls re-applied oil every so often.

    1. Hi Jim, thank you for your comment.
      Lara and Robi all oiled up are definitely one hot thing. Your comment about adding more oil is noted.
      Feel free to send your script for an oil wrestling custom!

  3. Hello. It’s about time for a rolling body to body cat fight between Andrea and Robi. That would be a great show.

    1. Hi Lorenzo.
      The video is extremely sexy, even if I don’t recall any nip-slips taking place here, but I could be wrong… 😉

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