SFD038 Venere vs Caterina

Caterina, Andrea and Venere will take part in a 3 matches smother-only tournament (no scissors allowed), of which this is the last match.
There are several reasons to buy this match: the girls are very aggressive and love to sexily smother in each other at all times. And – Caterina’s white top doesn’t wat to stay in place…
The match is a very dynamic, breath taking sequence of facesitting, hand over mouth and breast smothers performed by both wrestlers in turn.
The two heavyweights talk a lot throughout the video, they like to tease the opponent whenever they gain the upper hand.
After and endless back and forth spectacular, pauseless action, plenty of facesits and smothers of any kind, Caterina starts to feel tired and Venere owns her in a grapewine pin, hand smothers her… she has her where she wants her!
Finally Venere straddles Caterina, hand smothers her and moves to a reverse facesitting for the final humiliation. Caterina is beaten and forced to give up. A victory pose will follow with Venere foot on chest and face of an helpless Caterina. Venere poses flexing her bicep while hand smothering Caterina for the final celebration. Smother fans cannot miss this one!

Duration: 20 min
Price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
EU residents please note that local VAT will be added to your purchase according to the most recent EU regulations.

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2 thoughts on “SFD038 Venere vs Caterina

  1. Sehr heisses Video. Top. Sexy Facesits. Catarinas weisses Unterteil ist besser geschnitten als das Schwarze ihrer Gegnerin. Caterinas Hintern finde ich fast noch leicht geiler als der von Venere. Toll der Blass-Gebräunt Übergang an ihrem Füdle. Beide sind sexy. Caterina dürfte mir 2,3 mal ins Gesicht furzen.

    1. In English would sound like “Very hot video. Top. Sexy Facesits. Caterina’s white bottom is better cut than her opponent’s black. Caterina’s butt I find almost even slightly more horny than that of Venere. Great the pale-tanned transition on her feet. Both are sexy. Caterina should fart 2, 3 times in her face”
      I won’t say anything about your last sentence…

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