SFD036 Caterina vs Andrea

Caterina, Andrea and Venere will take part in a 3 matches smother-only tournament (no scissors allowed), of which this is the first match. There is a long introduction to the whole tournament, with 5 minutes of face to face interviews.Andrea and Caterina face off in very sexy lingerie, and it’s an uninterrupted sequence of breast smothers, front and reverse facesittings, hand over mouth smothers… you name it! The girls trash talk a lot, taunting each other when on top. Andrea’s reverse figure four headscissors with Caterina’s face stuck up against her ass are amazing.
Both girls give and take during the match, and the cameras do their job with the sexiest possible closeups on the smothered wrestlers… a spectacular video! Andrea will finally gain the upper hand and win the match and enjoy a long, humiliating victory pose on the defeated opponent, her foot on her chest, then on her face! Followed by a final terrific facesit smother. A lot of taunting and humiliation during the 2 minutes long victory pose and domination as well. Caterina is even slapped in the face, almost KOed and left laying on the mats in defeat.

Duration: 25 min
Price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
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5 thoughts on “SFD036 Caterina vs Andrea

  1. Voll sexy Facesits. Der schwarze Tangabikini steht Andrea, passt gut zu ihrer bleichen Haut. Ihr Hintern ist ziemlich geil. Sie dürfte sich mitten auf mein Gesicht setzen. Caterinas weisser Bikini passt weniger gut zu ihr, aber auch ihr Hintern gefällt mir. Toll, diese Farbübergangslinie auf ihren Pobacken zwischen blass und gebräunt zu sehen. Auch sie dürfte sich ihre zwei Pobacken auf meinem Gesicht positionieren. Sexy Strümpfe tragen die beiden.

    1. “Fully sexy Facesits. The black bikini looks good on Andrea, fits well with her pale skin. Her ass is pretty cool. She should sit in the middle of my face. Caterina’s white bikini fits her less good, but her butt also pleases me. Great to see this color transition line on their buttocks between pale and tanned. She too would be appreciated when positioning her buttocks on my face. Sexy stockings wear the two.”
      Well, the line of girls who should somehow sit on your face appears to be quickly growing 😉

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